About us

We are a collaboration hub and social space, with an environment that’s designed to accommodate people from different companies and different backgrounds to do work and come together to share expertise and explore new ideas. We are a lifesaver for any individual worker,we also play a big part in any company’s strategy to shift toward a more flexible way of working.

Who we are

We are The Moon, a coworking space based in Ennasr 2, that offers you the opportunity to work alongside other like-minded individuals. The Moon coworking space as the name says, is an alternative to the traditional office spaces, as we foster creativity and we provide our members a professional and an inspiring environment to study, work, meet and collaborate.

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The place :

Composed of two floors and equipped with all the necessary facilities, the ground floor is composed of a large open space, a meeting room, a chill zone and a kitchen, not to mention a vast garden, the first floor has four private offices for business owners and a spacious conference room with an independent door

Our Story

Started 3 years ago, when our co-founder Rami had the dream to launch the project of a coworking space where has already imagined a unique space for students and professionals to work and collaborate in a comfortable environment, so he worked hard on it and, here it is, The Moon, the right place to improve your productivity and to make your dreams come true.

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We make ambitions come true!



Improving productivity while building a long lasting community.



Community, cooperation, durabilty, accessibility and success

The spirit of THE MOON

The vibe of the place ?

We as the moon coworking space we’ve managed to establish an inviting and friendly atmosphere, not to mention a tastefully decorated space in which we are only seeking for positive emotions and for coworkers that always add value to the lives of people around them, together we foster and vibrate good energy into each other souls, making friends that contributes into our success and making us never forget the beauty of work experience in our beloved place.

Of people have better interactions with others


Said they felt more confident when coworking


Reported that they felt healthier and happier than they did while working by themselves


Of employees said their quality of work got better


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The Moon is a fully packed practical Cowrking Space.
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